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Automation and Predictive Paywalls for Modern Newsrooms

Sophi is an artificial intelligence system that autonomously runs the web pages of the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper.

Sophi’s powerful predictive capability weighs the advertising revenue expected from every article against its potential subscription revenue and decides to lower or raise the paywall accordingly.

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Why Sophi?

Transform your business and build a sustainable future

Automate your webpages to promote your most valuable content, freeing up valuable talent to produce fine journalism. Or use Sophi’s recommendations to help your newsroom identify what to do more of and what to stop doing – and achieve the goals that matter most to your business.

Eliminate guesswork and know how your content will perform

Sophi helps your organization unlock hidden value in your content, and learn how different types of content will perform. This insight allows your newsroom to make better decisions, and support your organization’s growth now, and evolution in the future.

Business metrics that are tailored to your financial goals

When it comes to analytics tools, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. With Sophi, decision makers have the power to set unique business objectives, whether your model be advertising or subscription-based, and weight their importance.

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Sophi Now

Real-time analytics heads up display

Sophi’s heads up display allows you to see real time performance metrics for each story on a page. This provides all the insight you need to tweak story placement across your website and optimize for the best possible performance.

Sophi Next

Predictive content promotion recommendations

Using predictive analytics, Sophi helps determine the value of your stories before they’re published. This allows you and your editors to plan and prioritise the most valuable content. Also learn what published content has hidden potential based on early performance indicators.

Sophi Pop

Social content recommendations

Social shareability is core to content performance. Sophi can help you gain new insights into how your stories will perform across social networks and predict which stories are most likely to spread.

Sophi Dive

Historical analytics

Sophi isn’t just a window into the future. Historical insights allow your editors and newsroom to create reports, share data, and better understand how published content performed. This allows your team to apply those insights to future editorial decisions.

Sophi Yield

Digital ad delivery and revenue optimization

A data platform purpose built for analyzing and reporting on cross-channel revenue and delivery performance of digital advertising inventory.

Sophi for Paywalls

Decision support for publishers

Your content is valuable. Sophi will determine the value of each story to your readers, helping you decide how best to use it to support your website’s advertising and subscription model.

About us

Sophi was born in the newsroom of The Globe and Mail. These innovative tools have helped Canada's leading newspaper to remain, not just relevant, but a leader in the industry.

In the mid-2010s, newsrooms across the world were all using the same tools to measure content and website performance. These basic analytics provided just enough raw data to allow editors to make an “educated guess” about how their published content has performed, and what might work in the future. But this data was difficult to understand and easy to misinterpret, and didn’t address the most important questions for newsrooms.

Why do some stories resonate with our readers? How can we optimize story placement to create more engagement? Which stories are most likely to be shared across social media? And most importantly: how can we ensure our day-to-day editorial decisions are supporting the business goals that sustain us. By better understanding these questions, we’re better equipped to strategize as an organization, predict outcomes and create better content for our users.

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